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EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking certification and advisory group ​for sustainable travel, buildings and tourism.

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Our founder has more than ten years of experience advocating for sustainability. He ​started an internship at EarthCheck in Australia, known globally as a leader in ​sustainability. EarthCheck's certification programs are respected by travelers, brands, and ​destinations worldwide, enabling consumers to make informed decisions about their ​tourism practices, sustainability, and environmental impacts.

Manabu's Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals ​(SDGs)

Manabu's mission to optimize resource usage in buildings directly contributes to several of ​the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here's a breakdown of how ​Manabu's solutions connect with specific SDGs:

Affordable and Clean Energy Vector

By helping businesses ​reduce energy ​consumption, Manabu ​promotes the use of ​clean and affordable ​energy sources.

SDG Industry Innovation and Infastructure

Manabu fosters ​sustainable industrial ​practices by ​optimizing resource ​usage in buildings ​used by various ​industries.

SDG Sustainable Cities and Communities

Manabu empowers ​businesses to operate ​more sustainably ​within urban ​environments.

SDG Responsible Consumption and Production

Manabu's core ​offering promotes ​responsible ​consumption patterns ​by encouraging ​businesses to optimize ​resource utilization.

By reducing energy ​consumption in ​buildings, Manabu ​helps businesses ​shrink their carbon ​footprint.