Smart Solutions for Cost-Efficiency ​and Environmental Conservation


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Impact of Rising CO2 Levels

The increasing utility costs (electricity and energy) impact businesses, ​daily life, and the environment.

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We provide GreenTech Smart Solutions ​powered by AI

AI For Analysis​

Empowering through data access. Artificial ​Intelligence for analysis and recommendations.

Sustainability Training​

Engage stakeholders to workshop solutions and ​create roadmap

Our Progress in Numbers

Flat Geometric Renewable Energy Farm

Save electricity cost by


5% electricity savings in just 3 ​months

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Community Creation

160 hrs

Training, workshops and build ​sustainable tech communities

Flat Geometric Man and Woman Planting Trees

Save energy can help ​protect our planet


Mature trees can be planted ​by cost savings!

Our Global Footprint

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Manabu's AI brain optimises industries, saving business cost ​and boosting efficiency with data insights. The planet wins too! ​Less CO2, reduce electricity consumption & greener practices. ​Together, save money & build a sustainable future! - Read Case ​Study, Taiwan

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Progress Visualized


Greenhouse Gas

Net Emissions



We applied MIT Climate ​Interactive Modelling to ​demonstrate real impact

We’ve confident on reducing your CO2 emissions in ​Industries, Buildings and save your pockets!

USD (in the hundreds)

Cutting costs, optimise resources, ​reducing environmental impact

4~8 weeks

Data collection, analysis, ​AI patterns

5~8 weeks

Initial micro-training

Build Communities​

9~12 weeks

Milestones, dataset ​showcase, visual reports

AI learning

Continues learning by ​Machine Learning AI

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Manabu Community

Ke​y Manabu Success

Manabu Community was established in Australia in ​2009, has expanded to over 3 countries including our ​Hub in Japan named "Fukuoka Startup Ecosystem" ​with 15,000+ global members. It supports ​opportunities for Up-skills training, Eco-Tech ​promotes a sustainable and wellness future. Visit the ​community website for more details.

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Building a ​Sustainable ​Future

Manage, understand efficiency & metrics


More than 10 years of experience advocating ​for impact sustainable communities

AI solutions can create real impact, Manabu ​believes that community involvement is ​crucial for sustainable green initiatives

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Nomads, Sustainability, Cross Borders

Work-Life-Balance / Wellness, ​Impacts of our Bento Lunch Club

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A Long Path Towards Sustainability ​and Community Engagement

Our Pathway

Our Founder ​Appointed as ​ClimaTech ​Fellowship ​Advisor


Alumni Cohort 6, Giants


Winner ​Sustainability/Pitch ​Competition

Trip to Taiwan


Master Trainer


Over Decade


Launched Manabu

Light Bulb with Green Plant

We are working towards making ​industries more environmentally ​friendly through data measurement + ​Community Engagement

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Creating a route towards a more ​sustainable and green future


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