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About Manabu

At Manabu.dev, we are dedicated to simplifying sustainability and ESG ​reporting through cutting-edge AI and machine learning solutions. Our ​commitment is to empower businesses to navigate the complexities of ​environmental responsibility effortlessly.

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Why Choose Manabu.dev?

1. Solutions Tailored for You

Our AI-driven platform offers personalized sustainability solutions, including:

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Resource Consumption Analysis

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Efficiency Metrics

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Predictive Modeling


Recommendation Engine

Discover how Manabu is revolutionizing Business with Sustainability and Simplified ESG Reports -Read the Blog!"

2. Community-Driven Approach

Join our global community of over 10,000 members with a shared focus on ​sustainability and technology.

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Manabu Tech Nomads

A global sustainability ​community with over 10K ​members on our social ​networking sites.

Sustainability Champions

Internal champions team, working ​alongside partners who share our ​commitment to sustainability for ​a better planet.

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Case Study: Global Town Plaza

Explore how we transformed Global Town Plaza, a 22-floor ​co-living space in Taipei, using Manabu.dev

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Our Market Focus

We specialise in serving:

  • Large Real Estate Developments
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Shopping Malls
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Participation in Global Startups Program


News Room

Our founder had the chance to share insights on how tech digital nomads ​can actively contribute to local towns in Japan. It’s not just about expertise ​but building global networks with a local touch. 🤝

Demo Day - Global Town Plaza

We are showcasing at PropTech DemoDay, GTB Taipei! Months of work ​with Global Town Plaza, tracking sustainability and ESG with Manabu.dev​ SaaS. Join us! Registration open here

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1. What is Manabu.dev?

Manabu.dev is an innovative platform utilizing AI and machine learning to simplify sustainability and ESG ​reporting for businesses. We offer tailored solutions to track and enhance environmental responsibility.

2. How does Manabu.dev benefit businesses?

Manabu.dev provides detailed Resource Consumption Analysis, Efficiency Metrics, Predictive Modeling, and a ​Recommendation Engine. This empowers businesses to reduce operational costs, optimize processes, and ​contribute to a sustainable future.

3. Can you share a success story?

Certainly! We've successfully transformed Global Town Plaza, a 22-floor co-living space in Taipei. Our platform ​helped them save operational costs and achieve significant environmental improvements. [Read Case Study]

4. What industries does Manabu.dev cater to?

We specialize in serving Large Real Estate Developments, Hotels, Hospitals, and Shopping Malls, ensuring a ​diverse range of businesses can benefit from our sustainability solutions.

5. How can businesses get started with Manabu.dev?

Getting started with Manabu.dev is simple. Contact us at [hello@manabu.dev], and our team will guide you ​through the onboarding process, helping you kickstart your journey towards sustainability and efficiency.

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Be a part of the sustainable revolution. Join Manabu.dev ​and make a positive impact on your business and the ​planet

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