Smart Solutions ​for Cost-Efficiency ​and Save Energy

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Impact of Rising CO2 Levels

The increasing utility costs (electricity and energy) impact businesses, daily life, ​and the environment.

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We provide a Smart Solutions ​powered by AI

Tropical Green Leaves
Tropical Green Leaves

AI For Analysis

Our solution can analyze building ​performance, gather energy ​consumption patterns, and offer ​recommendations.

Training & Impacts

By utilizing real-time data to deliver personalized ​training, organizations can achieve cost savings and ​foster internal communities.

Traction & Validation

  • Achieved Successful Outcomes
  • Successfully validated Case Study with pilot projects and ​initial PoC sales,
  • Positive customer feedback and testimonials demonstrate ​solution effectiveness.
  • Growing Community of Partners, Conscious Hubs
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saving in 3 Months

USD Saving to re-invest in

“Green Actions”


building internal communities

Manabu Reduce Co2 =

To plant 75 mature trees

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Building a ​Sustainable Future

Explore our latest PoC - Integrated Solution in Co-​Living Space

More than 10 years of experience advocating for ​impact sustainable communities

AI solutions can have a significant impact. Manabu ​highlights community engagement's importance ​for green project sustainability.

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Our Global Footprint

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Manabu's AI brain optimises industries, saving business cost ​and boosting efficiency with data insights. The planet wins too! ​Less CO2, reduce electricity consumption & greener practices. ​Together, save money & build a sustainable future! - Read Case ​Study, Taiwan

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Interactive ​Modelling


Greenhouse Gas

Net Emissions



We applied MIT Climate Interactive Modelling to ​demonstrate real impact on electricity saving

We’ve confident on reducing your CO2 emissions in ​Industries, Buildings and save your pockets!

USD (in the hundreds)


Manabu Community

Fukuoka Startup Collective HUB (FSCO)

Manabu Community Hub, founded in Australia in 2009, is a global ​eco-tech community with 15,000+ members worldwide. It serves ​as a parenting hub at Fukuoka Startup Collective in Japan.

Manabu Solution emerged to address partners' needs for cost-​saving, energy-efficient solutions, and community building.

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Our ​Pathway

A Long Path Towards Sustainability and Community Impact

Our Founder ​Appointed as ​ClimaTech ​Fellowship ​Advisor


Alumni Cohort 6, Giants


Winner ​Sustainability/Pitch ​Competition

Trip to Taiwan


Master Trainer


Over Decade


Launched Manabu

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We are dedicated to promoting ​environmental sustainability in industries ​through data measurement and ​community engagement.

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Creating a route towards a more ​sustainable and green future


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