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female hand touching or pointing. is the future of corporate training systems

Included a creative reward pointing systems, minimal UX/UI interface, team leaderboard (support each other-shared mission), collection of badges, integration of social learning tools and much more...

Our software will help business to save operational costs, improve staff wellness and community support

Save millions ¥,$ operational costs

Powerful learning analytics; using AI and predict learning to improve learners experiences. Save business operational costs in extensive and ineffective online programs and training.

Manabu use our smart "DLX Key Success Metrics" aligned by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

*DLX (digital learning transformation)

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NFT Digital Badge + Metaverse

Manabu offer hybrid remote training, advance learning experiences using Metaverse/VR/MR LTI integration. (LTI- learning tools interoperability)

Our innovative blockchain-based stackable digital badges for professional training, transferable skills and evidence (NFT micro data)

R&D + Certified

To achieve something big, we ensure that we can collect enough research-evidence for future investors

  • On Sep 2022, graduated from AWSEdstart accelerator program as "alumni and member" (Selected as one of the most innovative startups in Asia Pacific).

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ResearchGate a Social Networking Site for Scientists and Researchers to Share Papers

Diverse Global Team

Global team of experts, Japan edtech global community and interns that support

UX/UI, product development and community events

Pablo Riveros

Founder, CEO-CTO

Former UQ Snr EdTech

+15y expertise industry-academic

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Karina Viella Darminto

(Digital Marketing, UX/UI


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Dylan Brain

(Web devs-UX,UI)


Shunki Sugai

Japan Edtech Ambassador


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Global UX/UI/Devs

Team + Japan Edtech Community

(Australia, Vietnam, Chile)

Investors Window (Open)

Being graduated by AWSEdstart and passed the rigorous Japanese DX SaaS accreditation by ISIT. Now, we are in a strong position to open for our first round of global investments

We kindly invite investor to schedule a meeting with us and discuss how we can work together, run a MVP demo and pitch deck.

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Connect with us

JR Hakata City Amu Plaza Hakata Basement 1F , 1-1 Hakata Station [Q] co-space

Fukuoka, Japan


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