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We called it "Zen minimalist design", Zen is a way of life - an intensely personal, severely pared-down search for meaning that elevates simplicity to an art form. Our dashboard apply Zen digital design embodies this minimalist philosophy.

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All-in-one-Super SaaS


On-boarding corporate training (HR)

Manage ESG report s & metrics

Reward sustainable team actions

Digital gift cards

and much more . . .

Key Features

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Reports, downloaded data in Just one click


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What is Manabu and how does it will work?

Manabu is a digital learning platform that utilizes AI and personalized data-driven approaches to provide tailored and effective training and development programs for employees. The platform offers a variety of interactive features, including gamification and social learning tools, to increase engagement and retention in training programs.

How is Manabu different from other learning platforms?

Manabu's AI-driven approach provides a more personalised and efficient learning experience, allowing employees to focus on areas of growth and development that are most relevant to their roles and interests. The platform's ESG visual dashboard also helps organizations track their progress in meeting sustainability goals and remain competitive in the market.

Can Manabu be customized for specific industries or organizations?

Yes, Manabu's platform would be customized for specific industries and organizations, tailoring the learning experience to the unique needs and goals of each client.

What kind of data and analytics does Manabu provide?

Manabu's platform provides a variety of data and analytics related to employee learning progress, including performance metrics and areas for improvement. The integration ESG actions-visual dashboard also allows organisations to track their progress in meeting sustainability goals and remain competitive in the market.

Is Manabu a HRtech / Edtech Solution?

Yes, Manabu's personalized digital learning platform provides data-driven insights, enabling HR teams to make informed decisions and support employee development.

Manabu is ready to be launched?

Not Manabu is an early stage MVP-concept, to test functionalities, user experiences, interface, including: ESG actions integrated with HRTech, Manabu Badges, so on. Your feedback is super valuable for future improvements and launch our development!

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