"Zen Minimalist Design" is a design philosophy that goes beyond aesthetics and seeks meaning through minimalism. It is a way of life that elevates simplicity to an art form. The dashboard is an excellent example of this philosophy in action, embodying the principles of Zen digital design.

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Linking HR Training with ESG

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Together, we can create a better future by taking sustainable actions.

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An All-in-One Super SaaS Solution

Integrating Corporate Training and ESG Actions within All-in-One Ecosystems

- Manabu is dedicated to improving processes for a better future -

world of net zero emission

Manabu Smart Dashboard (MSD)

Visualisation, ESG metrics, CO2, footprint, ESG actions and simplified reports

Key Features

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Manabu Digital Learning Transformation (MDLX)

Advanced learning training solutions, improve business operations and reduce costs by providing valuable corporate training and insights

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Micro-credentials or badges can help companies verify their positive impact on society (ESG-SDGs)

Efficiency: Streamline your training and ESG initiatives with our integrated platform, saving time and resources

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Upcoming bike event for cycling enthusiasts and sustainability advocates to inspire and empower towards a greener future. SIGN IN

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Manabu Founder appointed Expert in Japan’s IT Industry : Strengthening Japan-Korea connections in ICT. Learn more about NIPA here

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Tsunagaru Edutech, and Japan EdTech joining forces Exciting rebranding and unified solutions all into one ecosystems

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Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Unveils Unified Ecosystem for Online Learning and ESG Solutions The Next Evolution of Online Learning and ESG Solutions

[Fukuoka, 25,May 2023] -, a leading HRTech company, is thrilled to announce the successful merger of Tsunagaru-Edutech and JapanEdTech into one powerful ecosystem under the brand name This integration marks a significant milestone in providing a comprehensive and seamless platform for online learning and ESG/SDG solutions.

With this migration, brings together the best features and expertise from Tsunagaru-Edutech and JapanEdTech, combining their strengths to create an all-encompassing solution for organisations and individuals seeking advanced online learning and sustainable development.

Key Benefits of the Migration:

  1. Unified and Streamlined Experience: By consolidating the platforms into one solo ecosystem, offers a unified and streamlined experience for our audience and followers. Users can now access a wide range of powerful HR Tech online learning solutions, all in one place.
  2. Enhanced ESG/SDG Metrics and Reporting: The integration of the Manabu Smart Dashboard brings forth a new dimension of ESG/SDG metrics and visual reporting capabilities. Companies can effortlessly measure and monitor their environmental, social, and governance initiatives, driving sustainable practices and demonstrating their commitment to a better future.
  3. Synergy of Expertise and Innovation: The merger allows to leverage the combined expertise and innovative solutions from Tsunagaru-Edutech and JapanEdTech. This synergy enables us to deliver cutting-edge technologies and stay at the forefront of the online learning and ESG landscape.

"Our goal has always been to provide a comprehensive platform that empowers organisations to foster continuous learning, professional development, and sustainable growth. The migration to is a significant step towards realising that vision," said [Founder/CEO Pablo Riveros], Founder and CEO of "We are excited about the opportunities this brings for our users and look forward to delivering even greater value in the future."

With the migration to, users can expect a seamless transition, ensuring uninterrupted access to their existing accounts and courses. Furthermore, the new platform offers enhanced features, improved functionality, and an intuitive user interface for an optimal learning experience.

To learn more about and explore the powerful integration of HR Tech online learning solutions with the Manabu Smart Dashboard for ESG/SDG metrics and visual reporting, visit our official website at

About is a leading HRTech company dedicated to revolutionising online learning and sustainable development. Our powerful platform combines advanced online learning solutions with the innovative Manabu Smart Dashboard, enabling organisations to enhance employee training, measure ESG/SDG metrics, and drive positive change.

Press email:

Press Contact Phone: +81 70 8419 6496


Manabu: The Innovative Digital Learning Platform + ESG solution

Our AI and data-driven approaches create tailored programs that cater to individual needs. With interactive features and ESG metrics such as team leaderboard, social impact tools, reward pointing systems, gift cards and more.

What Sets Manabu Apart from Other Platforms?

We stands out with its AI-driven approach that delivers a more personalised and efficient learning experienced and development. Manabu's ESG visual dashboard allows organisations to track their progress in meeting sustainability goals and stay competitive in the market.

Are you wondering if Manabu can be customised to fit your specific needs?

The answer is yes! Manabu's platform can be tailored to your industry and organisation, ensuring that the learning experience is designed to meet your specific goals and requirements.

Types of Data and Analytics Offered by Manabu

We offers a range of data and analytics that focus on employee learning progress. This includes performance metrics and identifying areas that need improvement. Additionally, the platform integrates our badge that can be used as evidence tool.

Is Manabu Ready for Launch?

Manabu G2 is available as learning platform powered by Google. Manabu G3 version the MVP is used by current customers. We have built separate blocks for each phase of our product development and testing. Our PoC projects are on-going base with corporations and government agencies under non-disclose confidential agreement.

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Manabu offers PoC or pilot programs to co-develop innovative technology projects with businesses. Contact Manabu team to learn more and how we can assist your business

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