"Unlock Your Potential with Manabu: Empowering ESG, Learning, and Sustainability"

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Real Case Study:

A medium-sized company struggles to track and showcase the impact of their sustainability efforts. Disconnected data sources and manual processes lead to inefficiencies and trust issues with stakeholders.

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Our ESG/Sustainability visual dashboard simplify report, training & empower community"

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Key Features

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Smart Dashboard

Centralised data for comprehensive ESG/Sustainability visual insights

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Learning Transformation

Sustainable training/


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Digital Nomads

Communities & β€œSustainability Champions”

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"Manabu: Unleashing the Power of Learning & ESG to Transform Companies for a Sustainable Future."

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Simplify ESG Reporting: Manabu streamlines ESG data collection, making it easy to generate clear and concise reports for stakeholders.

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🌍 Foster Employee Learning: Empower your team with sustainable practices and skills through Manabu's digital learning solutions.

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🀝 Build a Sustainable Community: Join Manabu's global network of digital nomads committed to sustainable living and remote work. Assistance to build β€œsustainability champions” communities

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Discover how Manabu is revolutionizing Business with Sustainability and

Simplified ESG Reports -Read the Blog!"

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Our philosophy "Zen Minimalism Design" goes beyond aesthetics, embracing meaningful simplicity. Our dashboard embodies this philosophy, showcasing the art of minimalist digital design. 🌿✨

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An All-in-One Super SaaS Solution

Visual reports, data, training and internal green communities

Global Projects

Sustainable Space


ESG Dashboard integration

Digital Nomads Tech Communities

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Download visual Simple in just one click!

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FY2022 Fukuoka City Digital Transformation Promotion Model Project Subsidy for SMEs, in Fukuoka City List of companies promoting DX.

Manabu digital Nomads


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We're a thriving collective of over



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Foster sustainable living, sustainability practices, embrace remote work, and create meaningful connections.

Our community welcomes digital nomads from around the world and strives to promote sustainable living, remote work, and meaningful connections among like-minded individuals.

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Request a meeting to know more about us and join our community!

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What is Manabu?

is a versatile platform that integrates corporate training, digital learning transformation, and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) actions. It simplifies ESG reporting, fosters sustainable practices, and connects a global community of digital nomads. It includes a smart dashboard for comprehensive data analytics and reporting, making it easier for organizations to track and improve their sustainability efforts.

What Sets Manabu Apart from Other Platforms?

It is unique combination of features and its focus on sustainability, learning, and community. Manabu's comprehensive platform, including its smart dashboard, sustainability champions and community, positions it as a leader in simplifying ESG reporting, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering continuous learning and connections.

Are you wondering if Manabu can be customised to fit your specific needs?

The answer is yes! Manabu's platform can be tailored to your industry and organisation

What is Manabu Digital Nomads Communities?

Anyone who embraces remote work and a sustainable nomadic lifestyle can join our community. We are over 6K global members that embrace sustainability and digital nomads lifestyle

Is Manabu Dashboard Solution ready?

Yes! Our PoC, pilots projects are on-going base with companies and local government under non-disclose confidential agreement.

News Room

🌟 Exciting News Alert! 🌟

Did you catch the buzz at our recent FGN meeting up event? πŸš€ Anita Chen ,engage us all with her insightful presentation about the game-changing Taiwan Digital Field Visa. 🌐✈️ Say hello to unlimited entry, even during COVID-19, and a long-term stay of 180+ days in Taiwan! READ MORE

🍷🌱 Heartfelt Gratitude to Our Guests and Partners! 🌟

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for our incredible organic wine event, hosted by the Manabu.dev Digital Nomad Sustainable Community @Lyf tenjin hotel and ViΓ±a Caliterra S.A. wines πŸ‡ Your enthusiasm and presence made it a memorable evening. READ MORE

NIPA Advisor

Manabu Founder appointed Expert in Japan’s IT Industry : Strengthening Japan-Korea connections in ICT. Learn more about NIPA here

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Request a pay PoC with us, explore how Manabu dashboard and sustainability training can help your business!

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